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Discussion in 'Beginner Help' started by mikemike1, May 21, 2012.

  1. mikemike1

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    Is it better to hit beats with your arms along with your legs (as in you do a different pose each time on beat), or just casually move them around and let your legs hit the beat?

    I've seen both & they both look fine, opinions?
  2. My-Name-Is

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    if you're using your arms to hit beats that's like pop and locking. when breakdancing i think it is best to hit a beat with a freeze
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    It depends on the way you're moving your arms. Arms definitely play a big part in top rocks, I mean, if you do a hip twist without arms it just looks like crap.

    My opinion, if you want to hit beats in your tops with your arms, it should be something like grabbing your forehead, some kind of burn, etc.. just get creative (but yeah, stray away from locking or pop or whatever). But it is harder to make it look good tbh. It's something you really have to practice.

    And yeah, the easier route is to just "casually" move them around. But keep in mind, you don't want your arms flailing around because you're focused on hitting the beat with your feet.
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    Bboying is a dance which requires you to be aware of your entire body at all times. You should be conscious of where you're moving your arms and your legs at all times. In terms of hitting the beat, the same thing is true. You should be engaging your entire body. The thing is though, new people so much on thinking, "Oh, how can I 'Kill The Beat'" that they simply don't know how to just dance. You need to be comfortable dancing, not just doing the toprock steps that you've learned, but really absorbing those motions, making them your own, and then exemplifying them not as a set of moves put together but a continuous stream of movement. Dancing isn't moves, dancing is moving, you need to practice until you don't think about your movements, you just do them. Once you reach that point, you'll hit the beat in whatever way your body sees fit. Sometimes it will be just with your arms, sometimes just with your feet, other times it will be a combination of both. There is no steadfast answer, don't get caught up worrying about things that in actuality are moot points, just practice!
  5. My-Name-Is

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    just saw a video, this guy did some footwork and started moving his arm to the beat, it looked really nice. so yeah i think hitting beat with arm is pretty cool idea actually
  6. Badi

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    dont forget that you can and should hit the beat with everything your mama gave you ;)

    So you can use your head too to hit a beat and imrpove rather boring stuff.

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