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    I have seen numerous posts giving people advice on "foundation". Yeah the foundation for bboying is toprock, footwork, and basic freezes. But what are the popping foundations? hitting, dime stopping? I just don't really know, and if those are. They're aren't any good tutorials that I can find, plus the popping section is very out dated cause the vids never work.
    When ever I get advice on popping basics it's always the same ol' "Just move/hit/pop to the beat", it just doesn't work. What do you think would happen if you told some to "Just do a 6 step"?

    See what I'm saying.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Do the fresno.

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    It doesn't work for you possibly because of two things.
    1. You're not practicing right.
    2. Even if you are, it's still obvious you're not practicing frequently.

    Unlike the sixstep or many of the other moves in bboying...
    To get good at popping, you gotta stick with it for a very long time, and continuously practice diligently.
    Takes a decent amount of time to see true results.
    Drill drill drill. It's boring as hell, but do it til you're just about dead.
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    Popping foundations i can think of right now:
    - Hitting
    - Dimestopping
    - Isolation

    So how do you practise these you ask?
    Hitting - fresno is a great one. I remeber when i first started, i drilled fresno for atleast 1/2 hr everyday. I drilled till my arms were sore, heavy and shoulders beginning to lock. Another good way to train hitting is hitting with your arms reaching. This will train you to use more of the space around you. You don't want to learn how to hit with bent arms in the beginning. Learn how to hit with straight arms to make them nice and strong first.
    Once you feel that you have your arm hitting comfortable and feeling natural, then you start working on your legs. Practise legs with fresno once again and also practise hitting your legs when it's suspended in the air.

    Dimestopping - Just keep practising your stop. Aim for sharp and crisp stop. You don't want to JERK into it, but you don't want to relax into it too much. A good way to practise dimestopping is just put music on and do something ({anything, get a class of water, walk around the house, type key board, read forums etc) and just stop every 4 counts. What your aiming here is to stop without jerking into it, you want to stop at the exact point at the 4 count. It will put you into a lot of awkward positions forcing you to learn how to control your body more.

    Isolations - to me, it's a lot of mirror work. A lot of ppl say the key to isolation is not actually focusing on the part of your body your trying to isolate, but to focus on the rest of the body that is meant to be still. You may have to dimestop or even move the rest of the body to make one particular body part look isolated.

    In general, popping foundations takes HEAPS AND HEAPS AND HEAPS of time and practise. Even now, i consider myself with shit foundations. You jsut have to keep drilling and drilling them. It's the same with a lot of different things. A basketball coach can teach you how to shoot.. it's up to you to practise to get a good form. Same as popping, keep practising the foundations, and it'll bring wonders to your dance in the future. It's a long term investment bro;)

    ps: in regards to your 6 step analogy. 6 step is a foundation that trains footwork, balance and whatever else it trains. It must be done with good form and practise. Now here's the thing, you can get a good clean 6 step down and go to the dancefloor, rip it up and be called a bboy (this is a bold statement, sorry)... Alright he can 6 step, looks liek a bboy right? Well can atleast be considered as a bboy because he can pull a decen 6 step, i know i know, there is a LOT more to bboying.
    in popping, foundations are similar but somewhat different. You learn how to hit. Ok good... but now HOW do you use the hit? Foundations are only the 1st stage in popping. It opens up the popping world. It is the key to the world of popping. If you do not have decent foundations, you will never become a good popper and never fully understand popping. Your popping will never improve if foundations are weak. If it is weak, you limit your styles, skills, creativity and overall appeal because it won't look good. Just because you have no foundation. A person can go into a great angle but have a weak hit... it just makes the angle look bad. A person may call himself a waver... but have weak isolation... making the waves ugly. A person will never be able to do animation with weak dimestops.
    See my drift man?
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    2 most important foundations...

    Robot is the root of popping (something I DO understand about it...).
    If you can root your popping and your dance in the robot, then you get massive amounts of control in terms of feel, pacing, movements.

    Needless to say with robot comes isolation and dimestopping.

    Understand the principles of each element of popping...
    each style or technique has a simple one sentence description... understand that simplicity and you wont limit yourself.
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    Tell you now, I practised popping for a few months and tried to speed it up, and it don't work.
    Yesturday I tried practising, just hits in the mirror and you see what you think.
    I improved little with my sped-up popping, last night was the best, cuz if you don't hit, you aint poppin, an thats why your here right? you didn't come to the sdite by chance

    the foundations are key, you gotta drill them in,

    think, boxers drill shadow boxing and jabs every practise, i know since i used to box
    skateboarders, learn all they basics like ollies, switchovers, ways to get on the board, how they're board works best.

    If you just go into popping with big moves, then you don't get anywhere and look whack if your off-beat,

    i was @ my salsa class this week with this chick i know as a friend, who is fine as hell
    an she was gettin all these guys dancin with her after the lessons and she said they had flashy moves but were all whack, they're mambos wereoff, they're rumba's were off, they was straight off beat and doin textbook salsa, no style that grows from foundations.

    if you jus don't work foundations you become whack and with flashy moves, easy to impress most people, but real recognize real, an jus like other sports, poppers who don't get practising they hits, get detroyed in battle
    boxers who don't practise they hits/footwork, get K.O'ed
    martial artists that can't use their weapons get killed, and gamers who can't play get pwned (had to use that one)

    so pop your arms, and neck, and head, and chestn in every and any direction with any co-ordination for weeks and stop watching videos,
    ,, it helps develop character also

    anyway thats enough from me, feel what i'm sayin

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