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    The revised guide I would say its better than the last one if I say so myself so here it is...I've got them categorized so it should be easier to point out..... I'm deleting the other thread so here it goes peeps

    Hope ya don't mind but I'm (AlphaTrion) gonna add a couple of additions...my additions will be in Blue.

    Frequently Asked Questions! With Answers

    Bboying Looks

    Q: Am I too tall/fat/skinny/short to bboy??

    A:No you're not. Anybody of all shapes and sizes can bboy. Of course, there are certain styles that suit certain body types better so find what works best for you. Also keep in mind that with the right amount of effort and persistence, anything is possible. Don't be discouraged!

    Q: What kind of shoe do you need to bboy???
    A: Not a particular shoe is needed. I would say that Pumas or Converses are pretty cool to use though. You can also use Sauconys, Adidas and K Swiss which some members on the site say work well.

    Other popular brands include: Nike Huaraches (Easily the most popular), Pro-Keds (the ones that look like Chucks), Puma Speedcats, Nike Blazers, and the $10 wal-mart shoes with Velcro straps.

    Q: How do I get in shape for this?
    A: My friend Ringer covered this in his guide..... check it out.... its sticked:up:

    Q: Do I have to dress a certain way to bboy?
    A: Not at all. Just find something that's comfortable and easy for you to maneuver in. Everybody has their individual style when it comes to dressing so as long as you're able to execute your moves as you see fit you're good to go.


    Q: What work out should I use to do this (insert move here)?
    A: Just practice the move.The more you practice the more your body will be accustomed to the move. This is mainly because moves not only require strength, but technique and timing also, especially when trying to execute them on beat.

    Q: What moves should I start with now that I'm starting?
    A: My recommendation would be

    3 step
    6 step
    7 step
    12 step
    Basic Toprock
    Forearm freeze
    Baby Freeze
    ....You can find tutorials for these at Ringers Uber Guide, which by the way has extra pizzaz,this is what you call basic foundation. I also suggest learning the baby freeze, forearm freeze and handstands on both sides. This personally helped me develop wrist and forearm strength for more difficult moves like the flare.

    Q: Now that you've told me the foundational footwork, what other kinds are there?

    A: You can always improve your foundation more, so don't think because have the basic things that you've mastered it. It gets cleaner as you practice more. Start working on some more techs and trying to hit the beat more effectively. Furthermore, try to truly understand how to build off of your foundation. One way to do this is to move in different directions instead of a basic circular motion. Another way is to try to manipulate traditional steps and add more flavour to them. See the link below to see how Casper does it

    Q: When can I learn that spinerooni move that looks so cool??? o_O
    A: The "spinerooni" as you call it is called a windmill and it'll be a while before you learn it". When you do learn it, focus on the kicking motion and staying high on your shoulders instead of your back.

    Q: Gosh damn it, I cant get this move and I've been practicing it for 1 WHOLE HOUR!! What should I do?
    A: Practice it some more! Most power moves and freezes take a while to fully grasp because of the difficulty associated with them (ie technique, timing, personal variations). Thus, it'll take a couple weeks/months/years before you have them. Style takes a while to develop also because it's, in a sense, a reflection of yourself. Even after you get the respective move you want, there is always the issue of being able to hit the beat with it while also executing it cleanly. Overall, this is an art-form that cannot be rushed so be patient and keep at it! :up:

    Surfaces and practicing

    Q: What kinda of surface should I practice on?
    A: I personally practice on carpet and then later go on a hardfloor like wood, concrete or tile so that my body will get used to different surfaces

    Q:What kind of surfaces will be at battles?
    A: Usually its some hardwood floor like wood or concreted floor like the kind you see at home depot or Lowes. Keep in mind that you do want to have had practice on whatever surface will be at battles. Furthermore, the more you battle the more tangibles you get in terms of being able to adapt to different surfaces.

    Q: How often should I practice??
    A: Good question, nooby. Ultimately, it depends on how seriously you want to take it. I first started at about an hour a day 3 times a week. Then I moved up to about 3-4 hours a day just to kill time and because I really enjoy it a lot.

    Q: What does the typical practice space look like?
    A: The typical practice space depends on both your personal preference and the resources available to you. I practice in my living room which has carpet and a couple of couches. I've also practiced in a laundry room, skate parks and dance studios. The number of people you practice with should also be a factor considered when choosing a practice space.

    Q:If I want to have good footwork, what type of surface should I practice on???
    A: Concrete is good surface to practice on since it improves the smoothness of your footwork. The reason being because it is harder to move, thus requiring you to put in more of an effort.

    Other Bboys In My Area?

    Q: How do I find other bboys in my community?
    A: We at bboy.org have a hook up forum where you can find bboys in your local area that post on the forums. It'll be pretty useful. You can also check out www.bboyworld.com for events and other bboys in your area.

    Q: Where are some practice spots in my area?
    A:Well, you can look up some threads in our hook up section or you can go to Bboyworld.com - Your Number 1 B-Boy & B-Girl Source where they have a practice spot section I believe. You will most likely find a practice spot if you go to bboyworld

    Q: Where can I find dates of jams. I want to see what a real battle looks like!
    A: Once again we have an event section at bboy.org. You can also go to Bboyworld.com - Your Number 1 B-Boy & B-Girl Source where they have more jams then they do here. The reason being is because the person who throws the jam will most likely post it on there


    Q: What are some good songs to break too?
    A: My personal list of songs I break too

    Scenario- A Tribe Called Quest
    Award Tour- A Tribe Called Quest
    Rock Steady- Aretha Franklin
    Get On The Good Foot- James Brown
    Funky Drummer- James Brown
    Follow The Leader- Eric B. & Rakim
    I Know You Got Soul- Eric B. & Rakim
    Dont Sweat The Technique- Eric B. & Rakim
    Dancing Machine- Jackson 5
    Life Of The Party- Jackson 5
    Rock Creek Park- The Blackbyrds
    Walking In Rhythm- The Blackbyrds
    The Mexican- Babe Ruth
    The Seekwill- K-os
    Superstar Pt. Zero- K-os
    Set It Off- Big Daddy Kane
    Warm It Up, Kane- Big Daddy Kane

    Once again this is my own personal list so if you don't like some of the songs you can always consult another source and try to get the names of songs that you hear at jams, youtube vids, friends, etc. Those on the list will get you started though

    If you want to get technical, b-boys dance to "Breaks." Which are the breaks (parts of a song where it's just drums) taken from funk and soul songs that have been looped by the DJ. While hip-hop has become popular at jams in the past decade, breaks are the main thing you will hear played by b-boy DJs. First and foremost, you should be listening to Funk. Check the list of songs provided in the DJ forum to find titles and artists.

    Going off of what Alpha said...Here's an example

    Song: Szolj Ram Ha Hangosan Enekelek

    The Break Edit:


    Q: So Blest1,tell me, what are the words bboys use?I wanna fit in!
    A: You might here the words Dope, Word, Fresh, and Ill used. You don't need to use these words though, nobody cares whether you use them or not. They are all compliments in case you're wondering

    Q: My muscles hurt. Should I practice anyways like you said to before?
    A: If you feel a muscle ache, I would say it's okay to push yourself to practice. If you feel like you have an internal injury (ie. Your wrist feels bad when you try to do a move) you should definitely take a break (punny). Don't forget you can always work on your toprock while you recover though!

    Q: I've been practicing a lot and am getting tired. Tips for recovery??
    A: As aforementioned you'll develop muscle strength so that you won't get tired as quickly. Some ways I recover are stretching after cooling down with toprock or a light run and drinking chocolate milk. Ideally, anything with protein will help your muscles recover. Also, make sure you're getting adequate hours of SLEEP.

    Q: I've been bboying for a while. What should my name be and how do I pick it?
    A: Well to be honest I cant really tell you what your name should be. It can be something that reflects your personality, something that reflects your beliefs, or something you think sounds cool. Contrary to popular belief you DO NOT have to have someone choose your name for you.I guess someone saw that MADE episode on MTV and figured that's how it went. I gave myself my own name so you can do the same

    Q:Who on Earth is this Tane I hear so much about?
    A: Tane is the founder of bboy.org. He's a pretty cool guy and he'll post stuff up to make the site even better than it already is! If you learn anything here remember it's all thanks to this guy!!

    Bboy Related Entertainment

    For entertainment purposes you can always go to bboy events in your local area to watch and meet other people. There's also cyphering which is pretty fun. Additionally, you can go on Youtube and look up battles and documentaries etc. Some of my personal favourites:

    Beat Street
    Style Wars
    Straight Up Bboy (Roxrite doc)
    Planet Rock
    You Got Served (<--- SIKE)
    Planet Bboy
    Red Bull Bc ONE (The Event)
    Turn It Loose

    Feel free to add some more on here I'll definitely add em in.

    Training Tips <--New

    It's the beginning of the new year so I thought this would be helpful for those (like myself) who made it a new years resolution to start up again.

    1. Stretch to recover. Stretching is not only good for recovery but for injury prevention. If anything I would say stretch your wrists because you put a lot of pressure on them, especially when you first start learning. Supplementing stretching by icing your wrists and shoulders is also suggested. Furthermore, consumption of protein after you practice is helpful for recovery.

    2. Maximize your moves. When practicing a new move or after you have learned a move, understand the numerous ways in which it can be used. For example, fundamental power move is the windmill. A bboy/bgirl might normally use it as a power move and do several rotations in a set. However, this basic move can also be used as a transition to another move or as a go down. One reason this might be done is so that you can increase the wow factor of a move that otherwise isn't that impressive. Consider the following options:

    A. Handstand -> Forearm freeze

    B. Handstand -> Windmill (5 rotations)

    C. Handstand -> Windmill (2-3 rotations) -> Forearm freeze

    Options A and B are examples of rudimentary transitions that are dope but won't really get that much hype. Option C demonstrates pretty basic transitions still but also demonstrates control that, when done to the beat, can still be pretty dope. Furthermore, let's say you can't get to your forearm freeze from a handstand like in A (yet); option C allows you to get to where you want to go while still looking ill.
    This principle can also be applied to freezes/blow ups and footwork. Use your head.

    3. Understand what foundation means. Foundation is more than just learning the aforementioned moves I posted. It's understanding that more intricate and complex steps are derived from them; furthermore, you can create your own steps from these moves with time and effort. Point number two (2) also illustrates what I mean by this. Moves are only moves...It's how you use them that will help form and shape your style.

    4. Challenge yourself to hit different beats in songs. Often you'll see bboys only hit the snare or percussion beats of the music. Listen closer and you'll notice other rhythms that are in the background. Being able to switch back and forth between the main beat and side beat (for lack of a better term) will distinguish you from most. Additionally, in a battle you can challenge the opponent to hit the beat of your choosing which can probably throw him off his game.

    5. Build muscle step by step. Example, let's say you want to learn how to do a flare. (If you don't know what a flare is google it.) In addition to learning the mechanics, you know you'll go from one arm to the next at some point. Thus, building muscle will save you time and help prevent injury. Sticking to the flare example, wrists were a major part for me. I was having trouble transitioning from my left to right arm because my right wrist was too weak. But, by practicing the baby freeze (or hand glide position) using my right side, I was able to get my right wrist used to the pressure and thus transition better. Other exercises I might do for this are core exercises and leg exercise (for sweeping. Of course, practicing the move will always help.

    6. Don't be an e-boy. Practice and go to jams. In all seriousness, online battles will never replace going to a real jam, meeting people, feeling the energy from others etc. It's totally worth it to go to a jam even if you're not that good or are just starting. Furthermore, actually practice your damn moves. I see too many people on youtube always asking for tips for moves... Nothing will replace trial and error because each person is unique and one method might not work for the other. Asking for help when your stuck periodically is totally different than posting a video every ten seconds.

    7. Increase your base for each move. Look at it like this. For every move you have what I call a "base", meaning how you execute your move on the worst day. For example, on a good day I might be able to hold a handstand for 10 seconds. Conversely, if Im off my game I might only be able to hold it for 2 seconds. But, let's say your base is 7 seconds for the handstand. You gain confidence in that move because you're able to hold it for as long as you need to (whether its the full 7 seconds or not). Another example is Cico who can hit like 20 1990s without problem. In a battle, 20 rotations might not be practical; however, being able to hit 20 rounds, he can definitely hit 5 or 6 with no problem which is more practical.

    So this is basically it, hopefully this guide helps you guys out a lot for those of you who start, feel free to ask any more questions and I'll add on to the list

    Special Thanks goes out to Bboy Danny for helping me out on this. Most of the new shit was thanks to him if you know who that is then make sure to thank him I would also like to thank Alphatrion for adding some new additions. Much appreciated

    That's about it so have fun and keep rockin


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    Also there are plenty of bboy websites that are specific to certain places that are often better for finding events and jams and so forth. Like OZ Bboy : Bboying (Breakdancing) is good for australian stuff.
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    Documentarys have now been added......I suggest ALL beginners watch =)

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    ^--- I somewhat disagree. the hardest surfaces I've ever practiced on are very slippery surfaces (such as polished or wet floors) and very soft but rough rubber surfaces (that kiddy crap at most parks in the US since we're afraid of lawsuits, that stuff will tear your hands until they bleed, reason I first got gloves). I find concrete (especially smooth concrete like you find in garages) to be a very easy surface to practice on, but a less forgiving surface to falls and crashes as well as a poor shock absorber, it's probably not the best 'starting floor'. Although personally I suggest trying to find a surface closest to what you would actually compete on, whats the point of learning on a surface you'll never battle on unless you have no other choice?
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    cool guide really explanatory for a begginer like me
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    THANK YOU this clears so much stuff up on what to learn
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    not bad... very helpful.. but im trying to put up my style.. and some few combo perhaps..
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    about the moves. that i should learn first. i am having abit of troubles with the babyfreeze.
    because i really cannot push myself up. as in my legs remain stuck to the floor.
    is there other simpler ones?
    and are there any moves recommended for beginners like me?
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    i had that problem once too.your legs just stuck to the floor.you have to put your weight to the other side so you can drop on your head and your legs will be lifted up.baby freeze is the most basic freeze and it's really easy.practice makes perfect:)
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    just one word>>>PERFECT!!!
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    ey homies someone like comment my page cuz im gona put this everywhere till i get a response : what move should i learn next im workin on eclipses ...?
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    Hi guyz! can you tell me the strength training for handglide freeze.. i really want to achieve this freeze..i hope you all will help me ^^
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    having breakdance/bboying problem ?
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